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Established in the year 2013, Sanjeevani Multi Specialty Ayurveda Hospital & Yoga Centre is a top player in the category of Ayurvedic Hospitals in Kannur. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both locally and from other parts of Kannur. The team of expert doctors takes care of patients’ health properly and maintains all hygiene and proper sanitation to keep the hospital clean. Experienced male and female therapists are available.

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine (also called Ayurveda) is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It originated in India and has evolved there over thousands of years. In the United States, Ayurvedic medicine is considered a complementary health approach. Many products and practices used in Ayurvedic medicine are also used on their own as complementary approaches—for example, herbs, massage, and specialized diets.

Is Ayurvedic medicine safe?

Ayurvedic medicine uses a variety of products and practices. Some of these products—which may contain herbs, minerals, or metals—may be harmful, particularly if used improperly or without the direction of a trained practitioner. For example, some herbs can cause side effects or interact with conventional medicines. Also, ingesting some metals, such as lead, can be poisonous.

Is Ayurvedic medicine effective?

Studies have examined Ayurvedic medicine, including herbal products, for specific conditions. However, there are not enough well-controlled clinical trials and systematic research reviews—the gold standard for Western medical research—to prove that the approaches are beneficial.

The term “Ayurveda” combines the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science or knowledge). Ayurvedic medicine, as practiced in India, is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. Many Ayurvedic practices predate written records and were handed down by word of mouth. Three ancient books known as the Great Trilogy were written in Sanskrit more than 2,000 years ago and are considered the main texts on Ayurvedic medicine—Caraka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and Astanga Hridaya.

Key concepts of Ayurvedic medicine include universal interconnectedness (among people, their health, and the universe), the body’s constitution (prakriti), and life forces (dosha), which are often compared to the biologic humors of the ancient Greek system. Using these concepts, Ayurvedic physicians prescribe individualized treatments, including compounds of herbs or proprietary ingredients, and diet, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations.

Dr. Sathia Gopal KP

Sr. Medical Officer

Introducing to myself

Dr. Sathia Gopal KP, a native of Thalassery, Kannur, had his formative years rooted in the vibrant culture of his hometown. His educational journey began at St. Joseph Boys School, Thalassery, where he laid the foundation for his academic pursuits. Continuing his studies, he completed his Pre-degree at Brennan Government College, Thalassery, before embarking on a transformative path in the field of Ayurveda.

Driven by a passion for traditional medicine, Dr. Sathia Gopal immersed himself in the rigorous seven-and-a-half-year Gorukula residential model program at the Ayurveda Medical College, Coimbatore. His dedication and diligence earned him commendable remarks upon the completion of his course, marking the beginning of a remarkable career.

Under the mentorship of renowned Ayurvedic practitioner KS Warrior, Dr. Sathia Gopal honed his skills at Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam and Research Institute, Coimbatore. This tenure proved to be invaluable, providing him with profound insights and enriching experiences. He further expanded his expertise by working in branches of the institute located in Kannur and Iritty, deepening his understanding of Ayurvedic practices.

Seeking to broaden his horizons and contribute to underserved communities, Dr. Sathia Gopal served as a Medical Officer at the Government Ayurveda Hospital Tribal, Aralam, Iritty. This experience not only enhanced his proficiency in tribal medicines and treatments but also instilled in him a deep appreciation for holistic healthcare approaches.

Dr. Sathia Gopal’s journey in the field of Ayurveda continued to evolve as he assumed the role of Senior Medical Officer at Medimix, a pioneering venture in Thalassery, Kannur. His involvement in this endeavor allowed him to leverage his expertise to promote wellness and traditional healing practices within the community.

In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Sathia Gopal actively engaged in outreach efforts, serving as a Visiting Consultant at the De-Addiction Center in Thalassery. His contributions played a pivotal role in establishing the center, now recognized as the Sanjeevani Multi Specialty Ayurveda Hospital and Yoga Centre, a beacon of hope for individuals seeking recovery and rejuvenation.

Dr. Sathia Gopal delved deep into the study and practice of yoga, recognizing its profound impact on physical, mental, and spiritual health. His comprehensive knowledge of yoga principles and techniques enables him to integrate therapeutic yoga practices into his treatment protocols, offering patients a holistic approach to wellness. He also has cultivated extensive expertise in the field of nutraceutical medicines. Leveraging his in-depth understanding of nutritional science and herbal remedies, he incorporates nutraceutical supplements into his treatment plans to enhance their efficacy and promote optimal health outcomes for his patients.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Sathia Gopal KP has remained steadfast in his commitment to Ayurveda, embodying the principles of compassion, integrity, and excellence in healthcare. His journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of traditional medicine in fostering holistic well-being and healing communities.